Monday, June 3, 2013

Eight-spotted Forester Moth

While out for my morning hikes through Wilkin's Walk, I really do try to take everything in.  I'm constantly scanning the landscape from the path beneath my feet to the sky above for anything interesting to photograph.  On this day, I was fortunate enough to notice a beautiful moth on the path.  Actually, the lucky one was the moth because I almost stepped on it.  I wouldn't have been happy about that! 

Not knowing how cooperative it would be, I took a few shots for identification purposes, and then I attempted to pick it up.  Turned out that this moth was in a photogenic mood.  I love it when they cooperate!

Don't forget.... you can click on the picture to view me LARGE!

Juicy Tidbits
  • Found in the Eastern part of the U.S., Texas and Florida, as well as some parts of Canada
  • Found along woodland egdes, in vineyards and in cities
  • The adults fly in bright daylight, and this moth is often confused for a butterfly
  • Wingspan is about 30 to 37 mm 

To learn more about this beautiful moth, check out the following sites:  Butterflies and Moths of North America  Wikipedia

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